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Creating the Family's 13 characters into a diverse anime style cast of characters, Anvaya Feats is a series written by J.E Smith and LaToya Smith. It was designed to connect young people from all around the world who love fantasy and magic. I had the honour of working on the team to provide various artworks as well as a 3D trailer for an ever-expanding series!

Created in collaboration with 3s Tech & Talent LLC

Lead 2D / 3D Artist, Media Production, Editor

Trailer for the original Anvaya Feats book launch.

 I was responsible for concept art, 3D assets, cinematography, and storyboarding for this trailer. David McGonigal's 2D art and 3D animation are also featured and can be found here.

Image depicts Joseph (right) and Nick (left) facing each other beneath a streetlamp amongst a backdrop of dark blue night skies. Nick is dressed in a long coat with short hair, extending a hand out to Joseph who has mid black hair with hands stuffed in his pockets.

The Family

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